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Spotlight ….Tulip Antoinette

Posted 28th Sep 2018 by Nick

Tulip Antoinette The Tulip Antoinette, otherwise known as the ‘Chameleon Tulip’, differs to standard tulips. It changes colour throughout the flowering period, starting off a pale greenish-yellow, before turning pale yellow, then yellow with pink and finally salmon-pink. A multi-versatile, easy to plant flower, it looks great in beds, borders or even in pots. You can plant anytime […]

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Indoor bulbs – how to force spring bulbs to flower in winter

Posted 20th Sep 2018 by Nick

 Indoor Bulbs September , 2018 October is the time to start potting spring flowering indoor bulbs to flower in winter. Crocus, hyacinth, daffodils, tulips,  scillas, muscari  and paperwhites can all be forced into flower by late winter early spring. Here is what you need to know… Planting Firstly pot the bulbs in clean, sterile pots using either […]

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Spotlight on….Colchicum The Giant

Posted 4th Aug 2016 by Nick

Colchicum ‘The Giant’ August 2016 The Colchicum (Naked Lady) is unique in that it erupts into  flower in September without any leaves. These then follow later when the flowers are long gone. This is where the name “naked lady” comes from – the fact that the flowers emerge from the ground long after the leaves have died back. Colchicums prefer […]

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