Spring bulb planning

Planning for Spring Bulbs

Posted 22nd Sep 2019 by Nick

Spring bulb planning

July, 2016

People often ask me how I get my garden to look so good. The answer is simple….planning.

When deciding which bulbs to plant and where to plant them, there are 5 key things to take into consideration;

  1. Flowering time – the month in which the bulbs will flower
  2. Position – where in the border/pot they sit and the amount of sun/shade available
  3. Height – the height of the flower
  4. Colour – the colour scheme of the flowers
  5. Soil types – the types of soil in my garden/pots and the bulbs best suited to those conditions

Watch the video below to find out more;

Planning for Spring from bulbs4u on Vimeo.

All of this information can be found for each bulb on the website so there is no excuse for not having a blooming great garden next Spring!

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