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Amaryllis Red

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Amaryllis Red                                                                                Colour: Red
Height: 50 cms

Amaryllis Red is an indoor bulb that will flower 6-8 weeks after potting and bringing into the warmth .

October is the time to start potting spring flowering bulbs to flower in winter. Crocus , hyacinth , daffodils , tulips , scillas , muscari and paperwhites can all be FORCED into flower by late winter early spring .

PLANTING Firstly pot the bulbs in clean , sterile pots using either bulb fibre or if pots have drainage holes multi purpose compost . Plant the bulbs close together in the pot and expose the nose of the bulb . I usually plant 6 tulips , 3 hyacinths , 6 daffodils , 15 crocus / scillas into a 6” (15cm) pot . Allow a gap at the top of the pot for water. Water well

COLD bulbs must be given cold treatment for 10 – 12 weeks to allow roots to grow. This can either be in a cool garage , shed , fridge or cellar . The pots should be covered with black plastic with a few holes so the bulbs can breathe . Check regularly and water if dry . Paperwhites need only 2-3 weeks of cold dark treatment. For continuous blooms prepare new pots every few days.

FLOWERING When shoots appear , wait until 2” (5cm) high , move out of the cold and dark and into a cool room with some light . water thoroughly . Once you notice new growth you can move to a warmer and sunnier place in the house.

AFTERCARE   When bulbs have finished flowering move outside and wait until leaves have turned yellow then you can plant in your garden. Generally because the bulbs have been forced they will not flower well the next year but after another year they shoul have regained their vigour.

FLOWERING VARIETIES Over the years I have tried many many bulbs in pots and the list below is a selection of my most successful.

Amaryllis red has red flowers .

Crocus – all of the large headed dutch crocus . Pickwick (striped) Yellow White Blue and Purple

Hyacinth – only one colour in a pot . Blue White Red Yellow Pink and Orange

Daffodils – Ice Follies, Barrett Browning , Mount Hood ,Carlton (larger varieties)                                                         February Gold , Tete a Tete , Thalia (scented)     (smaller varieties)

Tulips – Apricot Beauty , Negrita , Shirley and White Marvel (larger varieties)                                       Hearts Delight , Pinnochio , Johann Strauss and Red Riding Hood (smaller varieties)

Scillas – Scilla Siberica

Muscari – Muscari Armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth) , Latifolium and Botryoides (pure white)

Paperwhite – Ziva


Available: September

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