crocus dutch jeanne d'arc

Crocus Dutch Jeanne d’Arc

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Crocus Dutch Jeanne d’Arc                                                      Colour: White
Height: 10cm (4inches)

Crocuses bring a welcome splash of colour to gardens -usually in spring – heralding the end of winter and the start of warmer weather . Although regarded as a spring flowering bulb , some species of crocus flower in autumn and some in winter . By planting a range of Crocus species , you could have flowers for up to nine months . All crocus produce funnel shaped , six petalled flowers on short stems low down to the ground . The flowers that open and close with sun light , are available in a wide range of colours , often with a colour contrast   between the inner and outer petals and often with contrasting markings . In some species the flowers open out wide , but many remain goblet shaped . The narrow , grass like foliage usually has a white or grey central stripe and grows longer as the flowers fade . All crocus are suitable for growing as edging in beds and borders , in a rock garden , under trees and shrubs , in tubs troughs and pots , and can be naturalised in grassland and meadows . Crocus look best when planted in large groups or drifts of one type . Crocus can be grown in pots , troughs and all smaller containers (make sure that there is good drainage) . By growing crocus in pots you can appreciate the lovely flowers close up . Crocus can also be forced to flower in side the house on tables or window sills . Crocus grow the best when planted in well drained soils . They prefer full sun or partial shade . Plant corms 7.5 cms – 10 cms ( 3-4 inches) deep . Crocus are usually disease free but squirrels and mice will some times eat the corms .

Crocus are either specie or Dutch garden . The original crocus grows wild in the Pyrenees , the Alps and the Jura and played an important part in the development of the hybrids . Each corm produces several flowers .

Crocuses can be planted in any soil and in many ways . Because of their height they do well in rock gardens , borders , under trees and naturalised in grass . They need to be planted by October / November at a depth of about 6cms for a colourful show in spring. Crocus Dutch Jeanne d’Arc has white flowers in early spring.

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Available: Mid to late August

Full details

Family name


Bulb size

7 / 9


10cm (4inches)



Bloom month

February, March

Planting season


Planting suggestion

Beds and borders

Planting depth

3 times the height of bulb

Soil type

Well drained, humus rich

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