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Dwarf Tulip Little Beauty

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Dwarf tulip Little Beauty has pink flowers with a blue base in spring .                                                                                               Colour: Pink with blue base
Height: 15cm (6inches)

Dwarf tulip bulbs were introduced from Central Asia in the 17th Century and in the 19th Century Dutch bulb growers recognised these bulbs had great commercial potential and they learned how to grow and expand new varieties.

Dwarf tulips are perfect for planting in gardens , rockeries , tubs or planters . They are easy to grow and flower at the same time as many daffodils , hyacinths , muscari and miniature iris . Plant in well drained soil until the end of November / early December in sun or part shade to give beautiful colour in the spring.

The best time to plant tulips is late autumn. Ideally , the temperature will have dropped and there may even have been a few frosts . This is important , as it reduces the risk of tulip fire- a fungal disease that thrives in damp warm conditions and can obliterate your tulip displays in the unfortunate event that your tulips become infected by it . Choose a site that has good drainage . You can grow tulips in most soil as long as they don’t sit in waterlogged soils . Plant bulbs at a depth of two to three times their own height and about two bulb widths apart.

Tulips also work well in containers , especially when used as a focal point .Plant one or two varieties in a single shade to make an eye catching display , bulbs4u ‘s pots are often filled with a single species in a single bright colour , showing how to create this look . The main thing to consider is the eventual height of the tulips , choosing an appropriately sized container . Species and dwarf tulip varieties will look wrong in a large container , as will tall varieties in a small tub .Plant tulips in pots the same way as if you were planting directly into the ground.

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Available: from Mid to late August until December

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Family name


Bulb size



5cm (2inches)


Sun / part shade

Bloom month


Planting season


Planting suggestion

Rockery, containers, beds and borders

Planting depth

Twice height of bulb

Soil type

Any well drained

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