narcissus ornatus

Narcissus Ornatus ( 1870 ) scented

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Narcissus Ornatus

Narcissus Ornatus ia a poeticus cultivar that is highly scented .Daffodil and Narcissi bulbs were introduced during the 19th Century and are hybrids of wild species , unlike tulips and hyacinths which have been around since the 17th Century.

Nothing heralds the sign of spring like a mass of daffodils and narcissi swaying in the breeze – buying in bulk is one of the cheapest ways of getting the effect . Spring flowering daffodils and narcissi can be planted in groups or in pots to give colour to even the smallest garden .

Spring flowering bulbs need to be planted in the Autumn before the end of October and will flourish best if planted in well draining soil in sun or shade. There are choices for the rock garden , producing informal swathes in grass and on banks , in formal beds and borders – tall ones up to 60 cms (24”) for the middle of borders , dwarf forms reaching no more than 30 cms (12”) for the front –as well as growing in containers as well as forcing indoors.

Dwarf spring flowering daffodils are shorter and will withstand strong winds . They are are a cheap way to bring early colour to your garden and can be planted with other spring flowering bulbs like dwarf tulips , iris reticula or muscari to give a colourful garden.

Plant in well drained soil in either sun or shade by the end of October to flower from February to April. If planting in pots or tubs please make sure is really good by putting broken terracotta pots over the drainage holes and a layer of gravel on top. Cover the bulbs with twice it’s height of compost / soil ; 10 – 20 cms (4-8 inches) apart depending on growing height . Aftercare – keep the foliage growing as long as possible after flowering – water and give a feed if necessary . Narcissus Ornatus has white flowers with yellow up and red rim .

Height : 45 cms ( 18 inches )

Colour : white

Not available until late August and supplies will be very limited .

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46 – 60cm

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