prepared hyacinth yellow

Prepared Hyacinth Yellow (scented)

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Prepared hyacinth Yellow                                                Colour: Yellow

Height 30 cms (12 inches)

Although hyacinths make excellent garden plants , they are more commonly grown indoors for winter or early spring displays on windowsills , table tops or just about anywhere else their colourful ,fragrant flowers can be enjoyed . The plants of the Dutch hyacinth with their erect flower heads densely packed with up to sixty flowers and fleshy , strap like foliage – can look perfect for up to three weeks in the right conditions . They are excellent for growing in containers outside – but make sure the containers do not get frosted right through – in informal borders and more formal bedding schemes . Providing the bulbs were planted in good soil they can be left in the ground all year . However the display might not as good in following years and in formal bedding schemes this may not be an advantage. Instead it may be better to let the foliage die down and then lift the bulbs. Hyacinths can also be planted in 10-12.5 cm (4-5 inch) pots , suspended at water level in glass jars or grouped together in larger bowls for indoor displays in late winter or early spring . For mid winter flowering hyacinths you will have to buy specially prepared bulbs (see indoor bulbs) and plant them in late summer or early autumn as they need up to 10 weeks in a cool , dark place to flower properly . After flowering these can be planted out in the garden to flower in future springs . All Dutch hyacinths are very highly scented and care should be taken when handling hyacinth bulbs as dust from their skins can cause irritation . Hyacinths need to be planted in good soil to get the best results and preferably in full sun but will grow in light shade .

Hyacinths were introduced from the Middle East in the middle of the 16th Century and are grown for their beautiful erect florets , laden spikes and subtle perfume.

Also good for indoor planting of pots of sweet smelling colour from Christmas through to March. Pot bulbs up using bulb fibre or in water , keep in dark for up to 10 weeks or until shoots are 2 inches tall . Over next 2-3 days gradually move on to sunny window.Hyacinthus yellow has scented yellow flowers pre Christmas.

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Available: Mid to late August

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