scilla peruviana

Scilla Peruviana

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Scilla Peruviana

Not available until late August and supplies will be very limited

Scilla Peruviana has blue flowers in late spring . Bulbs , corms and tubers provide enormous potential for adding colour , form and often fragrance to the garden . One of their primary characteristics is that they bloom for one season only , there after lying dormant and unseen. With careful planning this feature can be exploited to extend or enhance interest in a range of planting schemes . Most bulbs bloom in early spring or summer , providing a succession of colour before the summer flowering shrubs and perennials reach their peak . With the exception of species native to damp meadows and woodlands , all flower bulbs do best in well drained soil in full sun or partial shade . Many bulbs thrive beneath deciduous trees or shrubs , where it would be difficult or impossible to establish larger flowering plants . Some woodland bulbs such as snowdrops , bluebells and winter aconites prefer a cool , shaded site with slightly moist conditions when dormant . There are several reasons for growing bulbs in containers . For purely decorative purposes , growing them in ornamental pots , window boxes , troughs , or other containers provides an additional dimension to a garden design . It is very important to match the size and vigour of the bulbs to the scale of the pot . Use the smaller bulbs in window boxes and , for best results , plant them layers beneath other to make the most effective use of space . As a general rule , the planting depth of bulbs is determined by their size . In open ground , most need to be covered with soil to about 2 – 3 times the bulbs’s height ( deeper in light than heavy soil ) . Dry bulbs at bulbs4u come available from mid August to the end of August . Scilla Peruviana grows best in full sun or part shade .

Height : 30 cms ( 12 inches )

Colour : Intense blue

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15 – 30cm

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