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Planting & caring for your Spring bulbs

Posted 22nd Sep 2019 by Nick

Planting & Caring for your Spring bulbs

August, 2016

You can find specific product information for all our Spring bulbs e.g. height, colour, flowering month, planting suggestions, spacing, etc, on the indivual page for that bulb, however here is some general information when it comes to planting and caring for bulbs;

Bulbs Planting

Most autumn bulbs will need little attention mainly relying on merely a healthy bulb and correct planting. Soil should be moderately fertile and for the majority of bulbs neutral to slightly alkaline, good drainage is also needed as they may tend to rot during dormant periods. In general the planting depth should be 2-3 times the bulbs height and spaced the same for its width.

Here is a video which shows you the correct way to plant Spring bulbs

Planting Spring Bulbs from bulbs4u on Vimeo.

Summer flowering bulbs should be planted the same way and by mid to late spring. As the majority of these are not perennial they must be lifted and stored either indoors or in a greenhouse.

Bulbs Lifting

When all the leaves have turned yellow lift the bulbs with a fork, clean off soil and remove all dying foliage. Discard any damaged or diseased bulbs and leave to dry overnight. Place in carefully labelled paper bags and store indoors or in a greenhouse until the next planting.


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