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Tulip Q&A

Posted 22nd Sep 2019 by Nick

Nick answers your tulip questions…


Each year I get asked lots of questions by my customers about how to care for bulbs. Questions about, one of my favourites; the tulip, seem to be the most popular.

Here are the top 3 questions I get asked, but if you have any others that aren’t covered, please do get in touch in the comments below or just give me a call….


Q. How should I protect young tulip leaves from a late hard frost ?

A. Good news, you don’t have to! Tulips are very hardy and don’t get damaged by cold weather like other bulbs, so don’t worry about it.


Q. Why don’t tulips come back year after year?

A. Whilst some don’t, some do! Tulips today are so highly bred ( fringed, parrot, viridiflora, etc) that many do not reappear next year . However the older plainer varieties come back year after year ( apeldoorns, plain white, purple, etc ) – get in touch if you need more information, I’ll be happy to advise you on which ones do and which don’t.

Q. Why can’t I plant tulip bulbs in spring ?

A. Although spring may be more convenient, Tulips must be planted in the autumn before the turn of the year if you want them to bloom in the spring . They require a longish period of cool temperatures which sparks the biochemical process that causes them to flower.


We have over 60 types of tulip and dwarf tulip  on our website and for each we provide important information like bloom date, height and planting information. All tulips come in a variety of pack sizes and all will be available from mid-August onwards.

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